Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Humility, Gratitude and Reality

 Its been a minute eh....well I been living life to the best of my abilities.

April 1, my son knocked on my door. He lives across country. What an amazing surprise my wife pulled off without a hitch! My Birthday is April 5. I turned 50 that day!

Friday night my wife surprised me even more with 15 of my closest friends at a local establishment in Halifax.

Looking back. I am very grateful for those who got dressed up. came out shared a few smiles and wished me a happy 50th! Especially my son who flew here and my wife whom arranged everything!

10 years ago to the day....I was given 24 hours to live as an infection was travelling to my brain from my 2nd of 4 brain surgeries. And 10 years later I am on the other side of the country, living my best life.

Since my last blog I have had and still dealing with some health issues. Injuries', arthritis, being 50. Ya know....older people aches and pains. Well actually I am young in my mind to have these problems. But I am resting and healing and working on my health in a positive way! Healthier food, yoga. Being active to the best of my abilities. I am so thankful for not suffering like I did. Well it was surviving. It wasn't even living. But enough of the past. Everyone has a story. Mine isn't special to others just to me.

In my 50 years or perhaps the last year I have come to fruition of life experiences to determine what's best for my health, my mental health and my personal life.

I've learned not to force anything. Which means don't chase anything/anyone. Slowly is the quickest way to getting there. What mattered, doesn't now. Peace brings forgiveness. Kindness brings gratitude. Avoid drama, negative people, USERS, don't be a door mat, know your self worth. Set standards and if those standards are not met in my life and business. Then move forward without that/them. Be kind but firm. Be generous but don't be used. I value my self worth. You don't need others to be happy. You need to be happy with yourself first. Happiness is within not someone else. I have the highest expectations of myself but learned not to have that for others. Just leads to disappointment.

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