Sunday, May 16, 2021

2 years today making medical history. First on the globe to have stem cell for cluster headaches into complete remission

 2 years ago. May 16, 2019 I had Stem Cell Therapy by Dr. Calapai in NY.

I've been in complete remission for 2 years straight. Not a single cluster headaches. Nothing. I've had one migraine that lasted 5 days on month 2 of stem cell. No tension headaches and the 4th undiagnosable headache is 70% better. So better I've stopped taking 2 harmful medications. Aphasia GONE on day 1. Sciatica pain was 50% gone overnight, now 98% pain free. Labido incredible. Mental health the best its been. I've lost over 100lbs.

Currently I live with a TBI ( short term memory loss mainly, cognitive impairment, trouble or inability to read instructions, documents etc.). PTSD from brain surgery awake, Raynaud's Disease(newly diagnosed), back pain from arthritis, and fatigue some days. Over all I am LIGHT YEARS from where I was.

There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind and heart Mike Smith saved me from suicide that day. Not only did he save my life but gave me quality of life. Dr. Chris Calapai in NY is the guru of Stem Cell.

I know first hand doctors are apprehensive that I felt better right away. And I would hear...wait and see with time. Well 2 FULL YEARS have passed. PROOF it worked for me.

I can not begin to express how grateful I am today. I've tried to explain a thousand times how bad life was. How badly I suffered, how life was hard. Now, all I can do is smile, and be grateful and give back.

Here is my story.....from where I was. What happened and where I am today in my heart and soul.

Please share this with someone who needs to hear it. offering HOPE in times of darkness.

Life can get better. Never give up HOPE..... Hold On Pain Ends


Pain Free Wishes to anyone trying to make midnight...


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