Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Busting" the Beast-Citizen Science

Before you start reading. Understand what I am writing and showing with these videos, that this is about a disease. For those with this disease, like me, we are very sick. This is not about recreational use of drugs. Because if you remotely think that remove your head from your ass.

This blog is dedicated those who suffer from Cluster Headaches, those who are loved ones affected by Cluster Headaches by way of family or friend. It was meant to educate those who know little to nothing about Cluster Headaches and help those who have it while sharing my personal experiences.

I have written about my journey and have never once nor will I ever try to persuade, convince or tell anyone to do anything. I just share my experience with others and ultimately its up to them to decide which is the best treatment. I often get asked for those offered brain surgery whether to do it or not. I'm sorry, that is something I will never be able to tell you. That has to come from within.

Two very important people in my life who both have dedicated their lives to helping others as I have are the focus of these videos.

Bob's seminar on Cluster Headaches is almost carbon copy of what every cluster head experiences from the first attack, to diagnosis and then the domino affect of prescriptions. Bob shares his journey of forming Cluster Busters. And his relentless efforts to help those globally with his non profit foundation.

Dan in the National Geographic video is a dear friend of mine. Separated by 5000 miles but the two of us would literally jump in a car and drive to help one another without batting an eye. He would do the same for anyone. Its just who he is. Funny story, when we met for the first time I seen him sitting in the restaurant a few tables over. We snuck in, sat down and ordered our meal. I had the waiter bring over a single mushroom on a plate with a Canadian dollar coin(a Loonie). The waiter said its from guy at table behind you. From the minute we met. I felt like I met my long lost brother.

Prior to meeting both Dan and Bob. I had been very reluctant and hesitant on trying medicinal magic mushrooms for cluster headaches. It is not something I ever did in my youth nor had any interest in. I was never ever interested in any recreational drugs. Just not in my DNA. I don't even drink.
Having a wife in recovery with at the time 9 years clean time. And a teenage son I was raising to not do drugs I was very reluctant to considering this. I had gone to school to be a cop. But yet I had failed 4 brain surgery attempts in stopping my attacks. I was suicidal for the 2nd time in my life.

I reached out to these heros for help. NOT TO GET IT FOR ME. Let me be clear of that. They did not nor will not supply me or anyone with that. They both told me to read, read and then read some more and more and educate myself and when I am done reading, to read again on the Cluster Buster website. So I did. I must have annoyed them both immensely because of the numerous questions and constant fear I had trying something for the first time. But I figured having my head drilled into for a 6 hr brain surgery I could handle a 7 hr trip.

These gentleman reassured me I would be OK. I educated myself with their help on what to do, what not to do, how to do it. What to expect and to keep my eye on the prize.

I wont discuss my results but I will say it has been the only thing that has ever helped me. Nothing else ever worked and they have done researched and proven with numbers the success rate.

Below is a seminar/conference Bob has shared a few years ago. His story is similar to mine in the beginning. This man is far to modest to even remotely accept any kind of praise but deserves the definition of " Humanitarian" in the dictionary.

Click Here for Bob of Cluster Busters

Below is my dear friend Dan. His heart is as big as Texas where he is. The most "Selfless" person I have ever met in my life. I am forever in his gratitude for saving my life.

Wait for the commercial to end

Click Here for Dan on National Geographic show on Cluster Headaches

I hope you take the time to watch these videos. Educate yourself if you are a Survivor or loved one. Its because of Citizen Science we are able to help one another. This is not about getting high. IN fact the dose is so small you barely feel anything. This is about treating the worlds most painful disease known to medical science.

There is many more who contribute to the fight against this disease. Your sincere efforts are duely noted John Fletcher.

Further information can be found here.

More info on the disease

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  1. Awesome blog. Thank you.
    You knocked this one out of the park! You are not exaggerating on any statement.
    These men have saved countless lives. This disease effects almost 2% of the population - as many as Multiple Sclerosis - that's 50 people in a town of 25,000. Most are not diagnosed. Ask any of them if they have ever considered suicide. If they are honest, they will all say yes.
    I am honored to have met Bob, Dan, and John. I consider them great friends.