Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paying it forward. Michael J. Fox "Lucky Man" and Cluster Busters for Cluster Suicide Headaches

Paying it forward
Win this book "LuckyMan" by donating  to & help find  cure to 2 both diseases

I will mail this book "Lucky Man" by Michael J.Fox and a 'Cluster Suicide Headache."decal to 1 person anywhere in the world.(1 book,1 decal only)
Just submit your name and address to my inbox.
Make a donation to and
and be entered to win. Donate what you can afford.
All 43 entries from last draw are pre entered(no need to re enter)
I welcome all new entries.
Draw is December 10,2014.
Winner will be shipped this book and decal at my expense.
Please post a photo of the book and you with the decal on your vehicle on your profile.
Best of Luck to everyone. Merry Christmas from us to you and God Bless.

Also , thank you to the 43 people who entered the last draw over $1100 was raised to ClusterBusters

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