Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

A very special Happy Fathers Day to my dad and all dads out there.

What a great day to reflect on being a dad and giving thanks to your dad.

My dad didn't do a whole lot of things together yet I respect him for always working, and overtime etc and making sure we always had and never went without. I have never been hungry,always had a roof over my head and clothes on my back and toys growing up and even when I got sick, never bailed on me, helped me with my business.I can not imagine how difficult it was on my dad watching me going through what I did with my health and 4 brain surgeries and him being a cancer survivor himself after having gone through a full lyrengectomy. Today I give thanks to my dad. I'm sure all of us have special stories.

My ex wife's dad (Zack's poppy) was the kindest most gentle man I ever met, I deeply miss him,RIP

My wife's dad whom I never met passed away from Super Nuclear Palsy. What a profound affect it has on my wife and I wish I could thank him for raising a wonderful woman.

Today we will visit all 3. all with my son.

There is nothing more in life that I love, than being a dad to my son  .

Pic is dad,i and son (when he was about 2) 3 Generations. (before dad and I got sick)

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