Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Michael J. Fox Show , my hero does it again

This made me smile today and hopefully you as well. I have written about Mike Fox and his career and being a die hard Back To The Future Fan as well as Family Ties, Spin City and the rest of his movies I am a huge fan of his acting career. He became my hero when he started the foundation.
I advise to give generously to

Although I do not have PD, I have CH and have friends with TM and MS, all of us combined might make the alphabet but what we do all have in common is our diseases, ability to laugh at ourselves, think outside the box, move forward and not let our disease have us.

Mike Fox new show is about a man having PD and returning to the work force. This is the show below. In no way shape or form am I being paid to do this or am I making any money off this. Not my intent. I want to share my admiration for a very funny actor who will make us other sick people laugh.

I have said before when my book gets published I will donate a portion to MJFF.

I was fortunate enough to have heard Mike speak live in London On. He is hilarious, a fighter, and I will forever be his student. Reading his book "Lucky Man" changed my life and how I look at being sick. I HIGHLY recommend it and 100% net profits go to the foundation. Win Win.

I can not wait for this show to come to air. When it does and its on, don't call. I wont answer.LOL

Michael J. Fox has entered our living rooms in the past with his hilarious TV shows and now has entered our hearts with his drive to cure PD.

I encourage everyone to support this new show, donate to PD as well.

I feel I have a kinship to Mike because we have both lived in Ontario and BC. Both Canadians, Both Sick, Both fighters, Both funny. Have a brother named Mike. Biggest BTFF fan.Both fighting to spread awareness, fight and beat our disease. Aside from Mike being my hero. RESPECT is word comes to mind.

I wish you continued success in your career and pray for a cure for PD.

God Bless ya Mikey

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